Welcome to GraySedimentology, offering a wide range of services for characterizing, quantifying, and/or evaluating various aspects of sediments in rivers and those entering, depositing, or released from reservoirs. These services include quantifying the occurrence and transport rates of sediment in suspension and as bedload; the size characteristics of bed material; and concentrations of nutrients and other sorbed and dissolved constituents.
GraySedimentology services are tailored to the client’s needs, including but not limited to:

  • Offering training at the client’s venue,
  • Field visits to evaluate/obtain/collect data relevant to the client using quality-assured instruments and methods,
  • Identify the source of a problem, and develop tractable and cost-effective options for its resolution, and
  • Design, evaluate, and/or review the results of monitoring programs.
GraySedimentology, led by John R. Gray, the former National Sedimentologist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Office of Surface Water, brings some four decades of field and office experience in sediment-, streamflow-, and water-quality-data collection; program design, implementation, execution, and review; and program summary to bear on behalf of the client. The first 14 years of Gray’s 38 years of USGS experience were field- and project-work centric in three USGS offices in Illinois and Arizona. This experience enables insights on the riverine-transport processes and uncertainties, including sampler limitations and data uncertainties that may impinge on the significance of findings ranging from the data-collection to monitoring-program levels.